Christopher Cappo

Business leader within the IBM Intellectual Property Organization.

Relentlessly focused on the client experience.

I am an experienced upline manager who understands how to build and nurture high-performance teams, across a variety of disciplines. My core Enterprise skills are around employee engagement, business development and operations, sales enablement, software development and cloud technologies. My core Personal skills include: executive decision-making, negotiations, executive presentations, critical business metrics and KPIs, financial analysis, and software development. I approach business challenges with an entrepreneurial mindset - always starting with the client's perspective and expectations as the primary design point.

What I Do

Cultivate High Performance Teams

I've been building high performance teams, for decades. Management success doesn't come from coursework or trendy books - it comes from years of experience. I strive to create an environment where employees have fun doing what they excel at, and together create remarkable business results.

Drive Sales Enablement

I understand what it takes to make sellers successful; how to equip them with the skills they need and to apply agile/lean principles to refactor business processes to their ideal state. I also work closely with HR and Finance functions, to design incentive and award programs that avoid 'entitlement' and focus on 'incentive'.

Manage Complex Business Operations

I've been a direct-report to C-Suite executives (including IBM's to-be CEO, Arvind Krishna) for the majority of my career. I love the challenge of turning the ambiguous into defined, efficient business processes. I'm perfectly at ease whether in front of a group of demanding executives, dealing with complex negotiations or managing a large cross-functional project.

Computer Science and Cloud Technologies

I drive decisions around implementing hybrid cloud technologies for internal business applications. I also act as the architect and primary UX designer for applications born on the cloud. You may also find me deep inside writing code, or helping a software developer understand a complex algorithm. I love Computer Science!

Earned Badges & Credentials

IBM Private Cloud
IBM Quantum
IBM Garage
Design Thinking
IRS Enrolled Agent