Christopher Cappo

Business leader within the IBM Intellectual Property Organization.

Relentlessly focused on the client experience.

I am an experienced upline manager who understands how to build and nurture high-performance teams, across a variety of disciplines. My core Enterprise skills are around employee engagement, business development and operations, sales enablement, software development and cloud technologies. My core Personal skills include: executive decision-making, negotiations, executive presentations, critical business metrics and KPIs, financial analysis, and software development. I approach business challenges with an entrepreneurial mindset - always starting with the client's perspective and expectations as the primary design point.

What I Do

Cultivate High Performance Teams

I've been building high performance teams, for decades. Management success doesn't come from coursework or trendy books - it comes from years of experience. I strive to create an environment where employees have fun doing what they excel at, and together create remarkable business results.

Drive Sales Enablement

I understand what it takes to make sellers successful; how to equip them with the skills they need and to apply agile/lean principles to refactor business processes to their ideal state. I also work closely with HR and Finance functions, to design incentive and award programs that avoid 'entitlement' and focus on 'incentive'.

Manage Complex Business Operations

I've been a direct-report to C-Suite executives (including IBM's to-be CEO, Arvind Krishna) for the majority of my career. I love the challenge of turning the ambiguous into defined, efficient business processes. I'm perfectly at ease whether in front of a group of demanding executives, dealing with complex negotiations or managing a large cross-functional project.

Computer Science and Cloud Technologies

I drive decisions around implementing hybrid cloud technologies for internal business applications. I also act as the architect and primary UX designer for applications born on the cloud. You may also find me deep inside writing code, or helping a software developer understand a complex algorithm. I love Computer Science!

Earned Badges & Credentials

IBM Private Cloud
IBM Quantum
IBM Garage
Design Thinking
IRS Enrolled Agent


My simple execution philosophy:

Teams must have an unwavering focus on the client – every task, every project, every desired result – starts with the client’s perspective and their unfiltered expectations. My experience is that teams who fail to start with this clear focus will ultimately struggle, and fail to deliver their desired results. Those that get this right iterate efficiently, fail quickly, and keep the client experience front and center of everything they do.

These are the teams that deliver exceptional results.

My experience and skills:

As a proven leader with global, multi-functional experience in business management/operations, strategy, sales enablement, analytics, employee engagement, cloud application architecture, DevOps, and software development – I operate at scale, delivering critical business results by both leading direct teams and partnering across functional teams and with c-suite executives. I lead and navigate the challenges of business transformation within complex, worldwide systems. I continually demonstrate my commitment to client, partner, employee, and executive relationships. I am the trusted advisor to our senior executives, and am consulted with on all critical sales enablement, operations, and business management decisions.

My background as an operations leader, transformation leader, upline manager, engineer, software developer, and systems architect has helped shape my focus on technology as an enabler. I specialize in building high performance teams and leading them to tackle the toughest challenges – driving business efficiencies, execution excellence and sales growth in complex technical environments.

A few notable accomplishments include:

  • Leading a development team as the overall architect as well as hands-on SW developer, to deliver a “born on the cloud” application built as a set of microservices around RESTful API endpoints. This is a business rules BPaaS engine that can accommodate multiple business processes related to progression/approval workflows. The IBM Intellectual Property organization runs a >$600M business of IP deal lifecycle management on this platform.
  • Onboarding and integrating the IBM Intellectual Property organization with Salesforce, which is used as the pipeline management and CRM system across the enterprise.
  • Building IBM’s Lab Services team from a 500 person organization to 1,500 worldwide employees. Creating and leading a matrix-managed worldwide contracts and operations team. Meeting the goal of having the right skill, in the right place, at the right time, for IBM’s Systems clients.
  • Refactoring the IBM System Z hardware yearly development plan, into a real-time agile business process that hierarchically focused the plan into immediate, near term, and distant objectives – with ongoing feedback and continuous SWOT assessment.

Professional Experience

2015 - Present

IBM Intellectual Property

Upline Manager:  Global Operations, Sales Enablement and SW DevOps/CIO role for IBM's Intellectual Property team.  $600M-$1.5B yearly business. Sales Commission Plan Designer and Facilitator.  Designer and lead for Enterprise-ready hybrid-cloud microservice application for managing deals through lifecycle. This team licenses Research assets and IBM Brand assets, as well as cross-portfolio Patents.  This role directly supports the General Manager of Intellectual Property.

2009 - 2015

IBM Systems

Upline Manager:  Global Operations, Contract execution, Sales pipeline management for Software Development and Lab Services teams.  Over 3,500 worldwide employees and a $1B development budget.  Directly supported IBM General managers, including IBM's to-be CEO, Arvind Krishna.

2005 - 2009

IBM Microelectronics Engineering Services

Manager:  Business Operations.  "Startup" within IBM, delivering custom ASICs and cell processors to Microsoft (xBox), Apple (Mac) and United States DOD (flight systems), as well as other demanding clients, worldwide.

2003 - 2005

IBM System Z

Portfolio Development Plan manager.  All aspects of headcount and financial planning for $1B System Z (Mainframe) development budget, worldwide.

1988 - 2003

IBM Microelectronics / Supply Chain

Various programming and systems integration roles; Semiconductor, active and passive components reliability modeling algorithms, laboratory analytical services fulfillment systems.  USA based manufacturing systems integration with SAP.



IBM Internal Education

Various curricula related to Management, Diversity, Cloud Computing, and Software Development.


Master's, Computer Science

Magna Cum Laude - Marist College

Focus on:  Natural Language Processing, Databases, CGI (Raytracing).


Bachelor's, Computer Science

Magna Cum Laude - Marist College

Focus on:  Object Oriented Programming, Algorithms, Compilers.

Enterprise Skills

People management


Building High Performance Teams


C-Suite Executive EQ


Cross-Functional Teaming


Business and GTM Strategy


Business Analytics Design


Enterprise Operations


Financial Management / Forecasting


Sales Enablement


Cloud / CIO


Portable Skills

Executive Decision Making


Executive Presentations and Presence




Data Analysis


Clear communication via written & spoken word


Coaching & Mentoring


Enjoying work & sense of humor


Technical Skills

JavaScript Programming




PHP Programming


Microsoft Excel / Powerpoint / Word




Docker / Containers


Linux / Apache / nginx


Cloud design patterns


Red Hat OpenShift


AWS (EC2, Route53)


UX / Design


Java Programming


US Tax Law



New York


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